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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Weft?

Weft is a new platform for fabric discovery, collaboration, and creation. See your designs woven into jacquard fabric or explore the Weft catalogue. Orders as small as three yards are delivered in three weeks.


What is Jacquard fabric and how is it made?

Jacquard fabric is a type of woven textile that utilizes a binary system to integrate graphic imagery directly into cloth. Patterns are not printed on top or embossed on the surface; rather, they are actually woven into the fabric. This makes it a fabric that is both materially durable and beautiful to color. Jacquard fabric can be used for many applications including upholstery, drapery, apparel, and accessories.

Who makes my fabric?

Your fabric is woven in the United States using high-speed, state-of-the-art industrial Jacquard looms.

What types of fabrics does Weft offer? What are the characteristics of each?

We offer four different fabric qualities: Classic, Damask, Multi and Natural. Learn more about the characteristics of each here.

Why are fabrics from Weft so much less expensive than comparable ones from fabric wholesalers?

We work directly with textile manufacturers and are able to provide you with the same high quality fabrics at a fraction of the cost. There are no distributors marking up the price, and because the designs are your own there are no design or licensing fees to pay.


What is Weft Create?

Weft Create is a platform for custom woven fabric — our digital loom. It employs breakthrough rendering and design technology to transform a digital image into a woven piece of fabric. Weft technology is proprietary and is the result of years of industry-leading research and development. You can learn more about Weft Create and how it works by visiting our How it Works page.

How do I make a custom fabric?

Upload your own image to Weft Create to create a custom fabric. Review the questions below for more specific queries.

What image file type and size should I use?

We support PNG, TIF, JPG and GIF files. Files should be no more than 10MB in size.

What size/dimensions should my image file be?

We recommend your image be 4,800 px × 9,600 px or smaller. 2,400 px is an ideal image width, but images do not have to be sized exactly. The size of an uploaded image does not determine the size of the woven fabric; you're free to modify the repeat size regardless of your image.

How many colors can I use in my design?

We recommend that images contain eight (8) or fewer colors. Images that contain more than 8 colors will be reduced to 8 colors automatically by our system, but you will have greater control over the final appearance of your design if you set up your file for limited colors by following our instructions for color separating/indexing your art.

How do I put my design in repeat? What are the options for repeat?

Weft Create will automatically repeat your design across the full width of the fabric. The largest repeat you can choose for your design is set by the size of the loom itself:

• The Multi, Damask and Classic qualities have a 1312" wide loom repeat; this means your design will be repeated four times across the full 54" width of the loom.

• The Natural quality allows a 27" loom repeat; your design will repeat twice across the 54" width of the loom.


Smaller repeat sizes are also available, which can be set on a per-design basis within Weft Create:

• Our Multi and Classic qualities offer 8×, 20× and 40× repeats across the 54" loom. (634", 2710", and 1720").

• Our Natural quality offers 4×, 10× and 20× repeats across the 54" loom. (1312", 525", and 2710").

• Our Damask quality offers 8×, 16× and 32× repeats across the 54" loom. (634", 338", and 11116").

How do I know what my design will look like?

Our proprietary rendering technology facilitates a crystal-clear preview of your woven fabric — down to the individual thread. If you'd like to experience our fabric qualities first-hand before ordering, we offer a Weft Sample Pack, which contains fabric swatches for all four of our Create qualities.


Do you have a minimum order quantity?

We accept orders as small as three (3) yards for all patterned fabrics in our Shop and any custom fabric created with The Digital Loom. We accept orders as small as one (1) yard for all plain and textured fabrics.

How long will it take my fabric to ship?

Shipping is dependent on order size, but standard orders should ship within three (3) weeks. Plain and textured fabrics ship in approximately one (1) week.

How much is shipping? Do you ship internationally?

We use FedEx to ship our fabrics, and shipping is determined by weight. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship outside of the U.S. at this time.

Do you offer volume or bulk pricing?

We do! Volume discounts for all Weft fabrics and Weft Create fabric qualities start at 26 yards. For orders larger than 100 yards, contact us for pricing.