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A tonal design, whether scanned or created in Photoshop, can contain millions of colors. Even an image that appears to have a limited number of colors can contain many hidden tones. In order to weave your fabric you must assign 8 or less colors to your design. This goal can be realized by converting your file from RGB Mode to Indexed Color Mode (Indexing a file) also know as “Color Separation.”

Antialiasing detail

Step 1. Indexing a file

• Open your file in photoshop
• Switch to Indexed Color Mode (Image > Mode > Indexed Color)
• Preview: Deselect
• Dither: None
• Palette: Custom
• A custom palette window pops up with spaces for 256 colors, you will select 8 or fewer
• To clear the previous palette, select the first square, click and drag down to the last square and release. Input white (255, 255, 255) for both chips.

Color indexing palette

Step 2. Color selection

• Click on the first square, and using the Color Picker, select a color by placing the cursor in your design. As each chip is selected, move to the next square in the custom palette. Use up to 8 colors in your custom palette.
• Return to any chip to change your color selection.
• When all colors have been selected, click OK; you are returned to the Indexed Color Menu.
• Select Preview and review results.
• Adjust Custom Color palette and Dither
• To finalize ‘Color Separation’ click OK
• Export your file as a PNG or GIF for best results, not a JPEG

Color selection